History of our club "ALGIVA"
In 1995, the manager of our workshop received a watch from his father as a gift. It was a rare model, the so-called "Gagarin" watch, which in 1976 could not be found in free sale. They were called "pilots", cause they were given to pilots. The gift instantly became an important part of the young man's image.

While studying at the university (2000), the watch usually started or stop. Due to a limited budget, the manager himself tried to rearrange the hands and restore the watch, but the watch, despite all efforts, was either late or in a hurry. One day after class, he was walking down the corridor with his classmate and noticed that the hands of the watch had stopped again.Next to them was a group of guys from the next course, who heard loud indignation at the disobedient arrows. One of the students approached the frustrated owner of the watch and asked him to remove the watch from his hand. The conclusion was issued instantly - they need to be sorted out. The guys got to talking, and it turned out that his new acquaintance had been looking at his watches for several years. A week later, the young man again wore serviceable "Gagarin" on his arm.

This experience didn't leave him indifferent, and he began to ask everyone he met with a watch on his wrist about its accuracy - and almost everyone answered that the watch was faulty. Together with a new friend, a unanimous decision was made about the professional repair of the wristwatch, and the first watch was soon repaired, the cost of repairing it was about 50 rubles (for this money, you could buy water and a sandwich in the dining room). They repaired clocks in the courtyard, in the corridors of the university, or in empty classrooms. Many began to learn about their case. They brilliantly coped with the repair of even the most difficult breakdowns. At this time, he was introduced with a new name - Fran├žois Gaby, based on the history of V. Gaby and his "main depot of clocks". This name was now his pseudonym

A few years later, due to the fact that the business reached a large turnover, the first company was created - LLC "L. BAZAR", which was located on the Bogoslovsky per. No. 7 on the first floor. The first check for the mechanism bulkhead was broken on the day it opened. There were very few employees on the staff: a cashier, a foreman and a chief foreman. Many things were going well, but during the financial and economic crisis in Russia, the company had to be sold. And even such an ordeal didn't stop the team - the craftsmen continued to repair watches for their friends and acquaintances.

In 2021, Fran├žois decides to open his watch workshop in the very heart of the capital and gives it the name "Algiva", in honor of his three children. It is very easy to get to the workshop by car: you need to drive along Bolshaya Lubyanka Street or Sretensky Boulevard, the workshop is located on Rozhdestvensky Boulevard in house No. 17 on the first floor.

In our understanding, a watch is not just a mechanism, landmark or accessory, it is an integral attribute of the status of a successful man and a chic piece of jewelry for a noble lady. In our chamber salon on Rozhdestvensky Boulevard, you find yourself in a completely different dimension, where there are no time and state boundaries. We are always ready to offer you a cup of aromatic espresso.

We invite you to get in touch with the revival of the elite in Russia in its deepest understanding, because we are deeply convinced that behind external luxury must be present: intellectual and aesthetic flair, wealth of the inner world - only this can guarantee further prosperity and development. We invite you to get in touch with a piece of our world, we will be glad to meet you on Rozhdestvensky Boulevard (free parking is open for guests, where there are always up to five free spaces).

We appreciate your TIME, we strive to return you the original perfection of flawless Swiss movements as soon as possible. And we have no equal in this art in Moscow!

In working with watches, spare parts and tools are used to repair Bergeon watches, Elma and WITSCHI equipment.

The workshop manager is an expert consultant for the selection of watches, straps and of timemovers.

Chief watchmaker has certificates and trained in Russia and abroad.